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Moroccan Rug 5ft x 10ft – Cozy Crimson

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“Cozy Crimson” Boujaad: An Artisanal Revelation

Wrap your space in the captivating charm of the “Cozy Crimson” Boujaad Rug. With its faded red background, this exquisite rug sets the stage for a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Adorned with timeless berber patterns in black and white, it effortlessly blends tradition with contemporary style. Handcrafted with care and attention to detail, each piece carries the unique character and artisanal touch that only a handmade rug can offer. Embrace the warmth and beauty of Moroccan craftsmanship with the “Cozy Crimson” Boujaad Rug, a true statement piece for your home.

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Product name : Moroccan Majestic Canyons Rug
Region : Middle Atlas Mountain range of Morocco
Materials : Organic Wool of sheep 🐑
Condition : Perfect, clean, no damage, no stain at all
Age : vintage from 1970
Manufacturing : By hand
Size : 167 cm x 293 cm / 5.47 ft x 9.61 ft
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🌟Dive into Moroccan Mystique

Experience a world where tradition meets modernity with the “Cozy Crimson” Boujaad Rug. Its alluring faded red backdrop evokes feelings of warmth and comfort, setting a serene tone for any room. As you walk on its surface, be transported to the heart of Morocco, where each Berber pattern carries a tale of heritage and culture.

🌟Handmade Perfection Handmade Perfection

Feel the difference that handcrafted passion brings. Every “Cozy Crimson” rug is a work of art, lovingly made by skilled artisans who pour their heart and soul into every stitch. Beyond its stunning visuals, the rug’s tactile nature is a testament to its exceptional craftsmanship. Each fiber tells a story, and each rug is as individual as the hands that made it.

🌟Elevate Your Decor

Reimagine your living space with a rug that speaks volumes. The “Cozy Crimson” Boujaad Rug is more than just decor – it’s an embodiment of art, tradition, and style. Whether gracing your living room, bedroom, or study, it promises to add a layer of sophistication and warmth, making every moment at home even more special.

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