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Moroccan Rug 5ft x 8ft – Lumturi

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Dual Designs, One Lumturi Rug

“Lumturi” is a captivating rug that features a reddish pink background and a striking design that divides the rug into two distinct parts. In one part, there is a captivating black and white pattern, while in the other part, a dark turquoise and white design takes center stage. This unique combination of colors and patterns adds an element of intrigue and visual appeal to your space.

The reddish pink background of “Lumturi” exudes warmth and vibrancy, creating a captivating backdrop for the contrasting designs. The black and white pattern in one part of the rug offers a classic and timeless aesthetic, adding a sense of sophistication and elegance. In the other part, the dark turquoise and white design brings a touch of freshness and tranquility, infusing the rug with a modern and contemporary vibe.

The meticulous craftsmanship ensures that “Lumturi” is a high-quality piece, designed to withstand the test of time. The plush texture adds comfort and coziness underfoot, making it a pleasure to walk on and enhancing the overall sensory experience.

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Product name : Moroccan Majestic Canyons Rug
Region : Middle Atlas Mountain range of Morocco
Materials : Organic Wool of sheep 🐑
Condition : Perfect, clean, no damage, no stain at all
Age : vintage from 1990
Manufacturing : By hand
Size : 152 cm x 260 cm / 4.98 ft x 8.53 ft
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🌟A Dance of Colors and Patterns

Meet Lumturi, the rug that dares to be different. With its reddish pink background acting as a canvas, Lumturi brings two distinct, yet equally mesmerizing designs to life. The rug’s audacious approach to combining contrasting patterns results in a breathtaking piece that is not just a floor covering but a work of art. Every step on Lumturi promises a visual treat, making every room it graces a talking point.

🌟Timeless Elegance Meets Contemporary Chic

On one half, Lumturi boasts a classic black and white pattern, reminiscent of age-old designs and evoking a sense of timeless beauty. This is juxtaposed by a fresh, invigorating dark turquoise and white pattern on the other side. Together, these designs harmoniously coexist, making Lumturi the perfect choice for those looking to straddle the line between traditional charm and modern flair.

🌟Crafted for Comfort and Longevity

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Lumturi promises durability and comfort. The attention to detail in its craftsmanship ensures that this rug will be a mainstay in your living space for years to come. Its plush texture provides a soft, cushioned feel underfoot, making every step a delightful sensory experience. Choose Lumturi and invest in a rug that seamlessly blends quality with unparalleled design.

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