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Moroccan Rug 6ft x 10ft – Jbel Toubkal Treasure

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The Majestic Beauty: Jbel Toubkal Treasure

Discover the treasures of Jbel Toubkal with this luxurious Boujaad vintage rug, adorned with intricate patterns and a vibrant color palette that capture the mountain’s awe-inspiring beauty.
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Product name : Moroccan Majestic Canyons Rug
Region : Middle Atlas Mountain range of Morocco
Materials : Organic Wool of sheep 🐑
Condition : Perfect, clean, no damage, no stain at all
Age : vintage from 1980
Manufacturing : By hand
Size : 185 cm x 317 cm / 6,06 ft x 10,40 ft
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🌟Peak Elegance from Jbel Toubkal

Elevate your living space with the grandeur of Morocco’s highest mountain, encapsulated in our luxurious Boujaad vintage rug. Drawing inspiration from the mighty Jbel Toubkal, this rug mirrors the mountain’s majesty.

🌟Patterns as Intricate as Mountain Trails

Every twist and turn on this Boujaad rug is reminiscent of the intricate trails that wind their way up Jbel Toubkal. Meticulously designed, each pattern showcases the detailed artistry that pays homage to the awe-inspiring terrains of the mountain.

🌟Vibrant Palette, Awe-Inspiring Beauty

Let the vibrant colors of our Boujaad rug sweep you off your feet, much like the breathtaking vistas of Jbel Toubkal at sunrise. This rug is a canvas of colors that playfully dance, echoing the mountain’s captivating charm and beauty.

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