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Moroccan Rug 6ft x 10ft – Tita

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“‘Tita’: The Art of Color on a Blank Canvas”

Introducing “Tita,” a captivating rug that combines a pristine white background with vibrant and varied colors in its lozange and pattern design. This rug effortlessly blends modernity with artistic flair, making it a striking addition to your living space.
The pure white background of Tita serves as a canvas, allowing the colors of the lozanges and patterns to shine. The white backdrop brings a sense of freshness and brightness to the room, creating an inviting and uplifting atmosphere.
The lozanges and patterns that adorn Tita come in a delightful array of colors. From bold hues to subtle tones, the vibrant palette adds a touch of personality and charm to the rug. The interplay of different colors within the lozanges and patterns creates a visually captivating and dynamic effect, drawing the eye and sparking intrigue.
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Product name : Moroccan Majestic Canyons Rug
Region : Middle Atlas Mountain range of Morocco
Materials : Organic Wool of sheep 🐑
Condition : Perfect, clean, no damage, no stain at all
Age : vintage from 1990
Manufacturing : By hand
Size : 186 cm x 300 cm / 6.10 ft x 9.84 ft
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🌟“Tita” – A Modern Tapestry of Color and Design

Dive into the contemporary elegance of “Tita,” a rug that seamlessly weaves the purity of a white canvas with the vibrancy of a painter’s palette. This meticulously crafted piece stands as a testament to the marriage of modern aesthetics and timeless artistry, designed to elevate your living space to new heights of sophistication.

🌟A White Canvas of Endless Possibilities

At the heart of “Tita” lies its pristine white backdrop, reminiscent of a blank canvas waiting to be adorned with strokes of creativity. This immaculate white foundation not only amplifies the room’s luminosity but also serves as a counterbalance, accentuating the vibrant lozanges and patterns scattered across its surface.

🌟A Dance of Color and Form

From the gentle pastels to the bold primary tones, the lozanges and patterns that embellish “Tita” are a celebration of color and design. They flutter and flow, creating a dynamic tableau that captures the imagination. Each shape and shade tells a story, making “Tita” more than just a rug; it’s an exploration of artistic expression, designed to engage and enchant.

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